Free TV Antennas

Contrary to popular believe, TV antennas are not given out for free by TV channels or the government. However, there are a few places to get a free TV antenna depending on supply and need.

Wait... A free antenna?

Yes! But there are some stipulations and a few different ways.

Option #1: Periodic Newsletter Giveaways

NoCable's Newsletter states that they periodically give away free TV antennas to randomly chosen subscribers of their newsletter. There is apparently proof they do it here.

Option #2: Economic Hardship

We have reviewed lots of antennas throughout the years... and a household only needs one or two antennas to truely "cut the cord". This means we have a ton of slightly used (read:"tested") antennas laying around and we would like to give them away to people who really need them.

Whatever your reason, fill the form out below and we will send out 100% free of charge antennas (free antenna + free shipping) to those that need it. Just explain in the message field why you need one.

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