Best Indoor HDTV Antennas (Amplified)

Indoor amplified TV antennas give you free-for-life access to local over-the-air channels such as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and CW (subject to availability) that are within a 30-50 mile range from your home. These types of antennas are amplified with power to provide a signal boost and typically power 1 televison at a time.

Indoor HDTV Antenna (Amplified) Reviews

There are a ton of amplified - or powered - indoor antennas available on the market today. Sizes, quality and features differ between them all. There are a few key things to look for when buying a flat indoor amplified antenna. We've reviewed all the popular indoor amplified TV antennas on the market so you don't have to.

Here are our top 5 digital indoor HDTV antennas based on our internal testing and analysis.

#1. Mohu Leaf 50

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Mohu pioneered the "flat" indoor antenna design back in 2011. The Mohu Leaf 50 has a 16-foot detachable quality coaxial cable, which is significantly longer than its sister the Leaf 30. Mohu also manufactures all of their products in the USA, which unfortuantely for some makes their pricing quite a bit higher than others. offers technical support via their extensive knowledge base as well for those that may end up needing help installing their antenna.

#2. Channel Master SMARTenna+

Our Rating: (3.5/5)

The Channel Master SMARTtenna+ is by far the most expensive, but also the most technically advanced of all the antennas we list in our top 5. On their site, they claim to house seven different "virtual" TV antennas inside this antenna. Apparently there is an internal processor that analyzes the TV signals and automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality. I cannot verify those claims, but we did try it and it works just as good as the others in our list. Other locations may get better results, but we got about the same.

#3. Winegard FlatWave 5500

Our Rating: (3.3/5)

The Winegard FlatWave 5500 is very similar to it's non-amplified sister, but has a slightly longer coaxial cable. While this antenna is reversible, it still does not have a detachable cable to allow for shorter or longer lengths. This is important due to the variability of each home.

Like any Winegard antenna, this one also comes with fantastic support via their website and phone support. To be honest, this may be the only reason this antenna makes our list. Support is so important and can sometimes override a higher price or feature deficiencies.

#4. 1byone Amplified Antenna

Our Rating: (2.5/5)

We really debated putting the 1byone Amplified Antenna on our list. First, they do not have support on their website, and they appear to be much more of a general seller than an antenna specialist. Secondly, they make claims we suggest against believing like saying ESPN is possible or that it has an 80-mile range. These two claims are 100% false, but the product is still of good quality.

1byone offers the best price of any antenna on this list, so just be warned that you may be sacrificing support to save a few bucks.