Best Indoor TV Antennas (Non-Amplified)

Indoor DTV antennas give you free-for-life access to local over-the-air channels such as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and CW (subject to availability) that are within a 20-30 mile range from your home. These types of antennas provide HD-quality picture, are not amplified and can typically power 1 televison at a time.

Indoor TV Antenna (Not Amplified) Reviews

There are a ton of passive inside antennas available on the market today. Sizes, quality, reviews and features differ between them all. There are a few key things to look for when buying an indoor antenna. We've reviewed all the indoor digital antennas on the market so you don't have to.

Here are our top 4 digital indoor HDTV antennas based on our internal testing and analysis.

#1. Mohu Leaf 30

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Mohu pioneered the "flat" indoor antenna design back in 2011. The Mohu Leaf 30 has a 10-foot detachable quality coaxial cable, which is slightly shorter than the NoCable 30. Mohu also manufactures all of their products in the USA, which unfortuantely for some makes their pricing a bit higher than others. offers technical support via their extensive knowledge base as well for those that may end up needing help installing their antenna.

#2. Channel Master FLATenna 35

Our Rating: (4/5)

Channel Master has a long history in developing quality TV antennas since 1949 (the beginning of OTA TV). The Channel Master FLATenna 35 does not come with a coaxial cable, which makes it unique in this list. However, this indoor antenna is reversible and made of extremely quality materials. ChannelMaster's website also has a lot of support documents available and ways to contact their experts.

#3. Winegard FlatWave

Our Rating: (4/5)

The Winegard FlatWave is developed by a company that has a long history of over 50 years. The reason this antenna drops down to #4 is because the 15-foot coaxial cable is permanently attached to the antenna unit, making it a bit more difficult to adjust the length of the cable if needed. It is also reversible (like the others in this list), and has a good bit of support documentation available on their website.

#4. ClearStream Eclipse

Our Rating: (3.8/5)

The ClearStream Eclipse is easily recognized by its distinctive "circle" design. It is reversible like the others in this list, but is also one of the more expensive ones as well. It also has proprietary "Sure Grip" technology to help it attach easier to windows and walls without the need of Velcro or tape. offers a wealth of tech support for this antenna via a wiki and a phone number that allows you to speak to an expert.